Willem Dafoe plays tormented genius Van Gogh in vanice biopic


With his ginger beard, Panama hat and a tragic, wounded expression, Willem Dafoe appearance uncannily sort of a Vincent van Gogh portrait, as he plays the creator in an exceedingly biopic that premiered at the metropolis festival on Monday.

“At Eternity’s Gate” begins with the impoverished van Gogh in Paris within the Eighteen Eighties whereverhis paintings square measure, at best, unnoticed and, at worst, derided as incompetent.

It follows him to the south of France, in and out of mental asylums, and ends together with his death a few of years later, at 37, with a bullet in his abdomen that, during this film, isn’t the suicide that historians have speculated was the reason for death.

The picture show is directed by full general composer, United Nations agency created “The submersible and also the Butterfly” Associate in Nursing is himself an creator United Nations agency recreated a number of Van Gogh’s work for the film and helped Dafoe learn the way to handle a brush.

“There’s loads of painting within the picture show. I had to understand the way to paint,” Dafoe told Reuters.

“Julian may be a nice creator and he is an excellent teacher, and to possess him there teaching American state the {way to|a way to} see in an exceedingly new way was thrilling.”

Dafoe portrays van Gogh as a deeply lonely man United Nations agency takes solace in nature and his work: “I paint to prevent thinking,” he says at one purpose.

Although he suffers blackouts and bouts of anger, his van Gogh doesn’t encounter as mad, howeverdefinitely as somebody suffering mental torment.

“He saw the worth (of suffering),” Dafoe aforesaid. “He thought illness will heal USA. He appreciated it, however that is a lot of completely different than the traditional plan of individuals thinking that he is simply a ‘mad genius’.”

Now revered collectively of the best painters, van Gogh splendidly died before his true inventive price had been recognised.

“Maybe God gave American state a present to color for individuals square measure are not here however,” he says within the film.

Talking to a priest in an exceedingly mental institution, he says: “Jesus conjointly was all unknown throughout his life… Son wasn’t discovered till thirty to forty years once he died.”

Asked whether or not van Gogh saw himself as a Christ-like figure, Dafoe, United Nations agency contend the lead role in Martin Scorcese’s “The Last Temptation of Christ”, said:

“In his letters he wrote way an excessive amount of regarding Christ to not have known somewhat … He had some way of seeing that was terribly personal, very clean, terribly connected to things eternal, and he wished to share that.”

“At Eternity’s Gate” is one in every of twenty one films competition for the Golden Lion that may be awarded on Sept eight.

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