Do whatever your child wants to be intelligent


After the child’s birth, the main goal of the parent to raise him properly. But sometimes there are some deficiencies in child-rearing, which can not be like children’s mind. However, when he grew up, some rules became child-friendly and intelligent. Let’s know what the ways are …

Keep the child away from television to increase his / her creativity. According to Indian expert Amalan Dutta, we do not even say that children like watching TV. Any chandra or story book has a lot of impact on them than on television. These help to increase imagination and learn new words.

2 / Pour dense yellow milk (colostrum) as soon as possible after birth. In addition, keep at least two years of breast milk at the top row in its food list. To increase the immunity of the body, the role of breast milk in the development of child’s intelligence is immense.

3 / The most effective parent company in child psychological development. Increase contact with him frequently to make him active and quick. Give him enough company. Keep listening to funny rhyme, names, conventional stories, songs, etc. from the small game.

4 / Nature of the child around development, but plays a very important role. Let the people mix them with plants, animals and birds. If the house is not favored, then mix the child with the help of the birds around the birds. The graciousness of animals, playing with them, will give them a beautiful mind.

5- Look forward to increasing the collection of child’s words from childhood. Make an interest in English with her mother tongue. The ward book will be useful in that case. Until you learn to read it, you read them all right in front of them. The child’s ear is eager to learn new words. This way is also very useful for learning pronunciation.

From 6 neighbors to neighbors, he can help his friends. And you can become an example of this. Unselfishly to teach others the benefits of others benefit from him. In this child will be able to have great minds easily. Source: Ananda Bazar Patrika.

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