The western world is concerned| about the Huawei phone

Google has announced that the world’s second largest smartphone company Huawei will not be allowed to use some updates to Google’s Android operating system. This means that many apps in Huawei’s new smartphones can not be used anymore.

US President Donald Trump last week declared emergency status for national security in protecting his country’s computer network from ‘foreign enemies’. Analysts believe that the actual target of this move was Chinese company Huawei.

Huawei is the most familiar because of its smartphone. But they create more variety of communicating equipment.

If Huawei can not sell their equipment in the United States, Huawei will control 60 percent of the world’s 40 percent of the community’s network.

What is so concerned about Huawei so different countries?

There are some complicated complaints behind this. There’s a lot of secret from robbery to spying, a secret deal with Iran from the glass-plated glassescreen;

Five-G: Superfest, but not safe?

In the case of mobile telephones, the next revolution is considered as the Five-G network. Huawei is negotiating with many countries to set up this five-g network.

This new network will be so fast that it will be used in many new tasks. Just like driving without a driver.

If Huawei now controls a five-country network, China claims that it can run spying on the country, claiming that their rival countries. If they want, they will be able to read messages shared on this five-g network, if they want to shut down the network or create huge barriers there.

Before the Executive Order of President Trump, however, western countries under the leadership of the United States made a pressure to do business with Huawei.

Among these countries is a group known as ‘Five Eyes’. The United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the four remaining countries of the United States without the United States. These five countries have very close cooperation to exchange intelligence information. Most of it is done in electronic means.

US Secretary of State Mike Pampo has warned that if any of these five countries are in Huawei’s network, they will not be able to share any important information with that country, then they will not be able to share any important information.

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