Warner Bros. DC film section new thoughts about Walter Hamada


Warner Bros. and DC diversion have had it rough ever since setting out their DC Extended Universe in 2013 with Man of Steel. All of their films within the canon of the DCEU, nonetheless one, have principally been bashed by critics and casual audiences alike. Geoff Johns was employed in 2016 to be the runner of the DCEU following the failure of attendant v Superman.

Part of the rationale why Marvel Studios films work therefore well is as a result of they need their “overlord” of the medium universe- that man is after all Kevin Feige. Lucasfilm currently additionally has their “overlord” in Kathleen Kennedy, and she or he proves to be even as self-made as she is contentious. All of the movie maker Star Wars movies have attained crucial praise upon unleash, except for casual audiences the reviews are way more mixed- particularly as time spans on. So, it absolutely was time for the DCEU to urge a “overlord” of their own. while Johns was techniqually that man, he ne’er extremely shined through.

After Justice League’s failure the DC division over at magnetic flux unit is ever-changing and Geoff Johns was shoed from his position because the DCEU “overlord”- its a troublesome world. abundant restructuring passed off and currently the DCEU might have finally found its Kevin Feige like “overlord.”



Walter Hamada, from the horror genre fame, was answerable for manufacturing several hit films in this genre, particularly films It (2017) and also the conjuration Universe (2013-Present). For those of you UN agency did not scan my Annabelle: Creation review- I idolized Annabelle: Creation and it got American state into horror movies and created American state need to look at the opposite conjuration films. I additionally idolized It, it (haha) appeared on my prime ten films of the year list and at No. #3 no less! additionally on Hamada’s record includes films Nightmare on Elm Street, Final Destination and weekday the thirteenth, 3 films wide familiar. He was additionally answerable for manufacturing The gallows tree, a movie that I watched to preparation myself for Creation and that i truly extremely likable it! Now- his resume is not all good- he has had some duds on his hands like forty seven Ronin and Into the Storm (the latter i actually did not mind, however tons of individuals weren’t therefore friendly to it).


Now let American state cue you, The conjuration Universe has been dubbed by several to be the primary post-Marvel self-made medium universe- and Hamada was a region of that success. Lets check up on all the large current medium universes Hollywood is preparation up:

Marvel medium Universe (17 films)
DC Extended Universe (5 films)
Dark Universe (1 film)
Transformers medium Universe (5 films)
Star Wars adventure story (9 films)
The conjuration Universe (4 films)
Wizarding World of horsepower (9 films)
Out of these that area unit successful- you have got the MCU that started it all, the Star Wars one is especially successful- but the prequels, and a few of what movie maker is doing area unit earning mixed reception, the Wizarding World universe is especially smart, however extremely the MCU and conjuration universes area unit the sole ones succeeding with every new film.

So however do I ultimately feel regarding music director Hamada serving because the “overlord” for the DCEU- excited! Not solely will Hamada’s journal have American state flipping excited, he managed to urge American state into horror movies- or a minimum of he vie a region in it, he’s employed well with Warner Bros. and additionally features a solid relationship with James Wann- director of the approaching Aquaman film. James Wann is responsable for The conjuration and also the conjuration two in conjunction with Furious seven that were all absolutely recieved. Hopefully this could mean additional Wann directed DCEU films. Hamada might bring finally a solid future and story arc for the DCEU as a full to follow, instead of the disjointed items they’re assembling currently.

DC has several common characters- its time they begin to be diagrammatical properly and with the respect they merit.


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