What happens if you do not eat sugar for 8 weeks?

I used to eat chocolates and ice cream frequently. And because of poor eating habits and no exercise, I was a pretty obese guy. I used to suffer from common cold frequently as well.

3 years ago, I decided that I will cut sugar out of my diet. Imagine not enjoying the items shown in the pictures above and so many other things that I loved and craved for. I thought it was a mistake but I wanted to give a try.

So the first week: Probably the toughest week. Got a lot of cravings of sugar. Felt headache and nausea. Later I found out that it was withdrawal syndrome.

Second week : Things got better, I started to enjoy food without sugar. Although I wished I had a small bite of that KitKat, I was still determined.

Third/fourth week : I stopped craving for sugar. Rather, I used to eat a lot of cheese, butter and started cravings of that.

Fourth week – 8th Month : Although it was difficult to say no to relatives that provide offerings of prayers in the form of sweetmeats , I was determined to not take sugar. And it didn’t feel much of a problem. I really enjoyed what I ate just that I had to disappoint my family members at times. I could live with that!

So what happened?

I didn’t get common cold for 6 months straight. Earlier, I used to get the common cold once a month and each would last for 3–4 days. In the last two months I got a slight common cold but it was cured in a day!

Since I started to exercise, I lost quite a weight as well.

My cognitive functions and overall mood became better than before.

Do I recommend it?

Absolutely, but one has to decide their societal commitments as well. Now, I eat moderate amount of sweets. I’m always mindful of what I eat, and I always look for a healthier alternative.

The main lesson I learned was how addictive the sugar can be!

The only point I consider while eating sweet is, “Am I getting addicted to it?” . Sometimes, I get sweet cravings, and that’s the time I decide not to take it, just to develop my will power. I want my mind to decide and control what I eat, not the other way around. But that’s just me, Go find yourself!

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