Smartphones can grab your sight


Starting from communication, Smartphones became the favorites of entertainment, as a way of entertainment. And at the time, the bad news is that the smartphone can snatch your sight.

And this is the result of a study done by the University of Colorado in the United States of America.

The blue light emitted from the screen of the electrical device causes eye retina to increase the speed of the eyesight. Because this blue light turns the vital grain of retina into the cellular form of the cell.


Ajit Karunarathan, assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Colorado and the Department of Biological Chemistry, said, “Blue light that reduces eye retina by destroying eye retina is not an unknown information. The topic of our research was how it happened. And we believe that based on this research, new drugs will be created to slow the speed of eyes’ macular degeneration. For example, a new kind of eye drops. ”


One of the most serious reasons behind being blind is the ‘macular degeneration’, which is the death of ‘photoreceptor’ cells in the eye. These cells are sensitive to light and want to see light, they want ‘retinal’ particles, and this is how we can see.


The researcher of the same university, PhD, and researcher Kasun Ratnayk said, “When red light on the retina of the eye destroys ‘retinal’, ‘photoreceptor’ cells And once these cells die, it is not a new one. ”

To do

First of all, the ‘Blue Light Filter’ will be used on all electrical screen devices. Among these, the use of this filter on smartphones and laptops is the most important. And there are numerous software and apps for this purpose.


Secondly, stop using these devices in the dark. If possible, all electrical curtains will be removed from the bedroom. Or at the time of sleep at night, there can not be any device near the hand.

The researchers also advised to use the ‘Blue Light Filter’ sunglasses.

If you can stay away from this blue light, it will be better to have good eyes as well as to sleep. Because melatonin is not released in the brain due to a severe light on the eyes before sleeping, and this hormone regulates our sleep.

It is very important to be cautious after knowing these harmful aspects of small machines.

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