Side effects of air conditioner | Health issue

Nowadays, almost all offices use AC-air conditioners. After several hours of exercise, many people return home and the wind of the fan is not tolerated. Many people are also using AC at home for this reason.

Experts say additional AC dependency can be harmful for health. It can increase health risks. For example,

1. Those who spend 9 to 10 hours in the air-conditioned house for most of the time or at least stretching, increasing their appetite for respiratory problems are greatly increased.

2. Due to the use of excessive AC, different types of infections occur in the eyes.

3. Those who live in an air-conditioned room for 9 to 10 hours of continuous, the risk of increased arthritis, high blood pressure or various types of nervous problems increases.

4. Due to the use of excessive AC or long periods of time, many people with allergic issues may also develop.

5. Due to long spills, the skin becomes dry due to its normal moisture. Then there are many problems on the skin.

6. Multiple studies have found that those who live in the long-term air-conditioned environment suffer from headache or other problems like mental retardation.

However, experts have been advised to keep themselves healthy in the air-conditioned environment. For example,

1. The temperature of the house will be kept between 21-25 degrees. It is not good to keep the home temperature below 20 degrees Celsius.

2. Avoid using AC during winter.

3. May use moisturizing lotion or cream to maintain moisture in the skin.

4. Occasionally, use water in your mouth. If necessary, you can wear light shirts.

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