Raw salt helps in heart attack and other diseases


Those who eat table salt or raw salt or extra salt in cooking, high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and various types of physical problems are being reported by the experts on the risk. Experts have given the most importance to eating meals with moderate amounts of salt.

Because salt contains sodium, which can lead to gastric cancer due to high levels of gastric cancer. Researchers have found that excessive sodium stomach damage the inner and outer shell. The BBC’s new research report says that as much as salt food can be avoided in the morning breakfast, so much about Mars.

Then there is the food all day. World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) experts recommend low salt consumption. It also says to mention the ingredients in plain letters on packaged food. According to a statement from WCRF, if people can reduce the level of  raw salt acceptance in their daily dietary list, then one in seven people will get rid of stomach cancer.

But this number can be even more. Eating 6 grams of salt per day is healthier. The World Cancer Research Fund has found that people in the developed world countries receive an average of 8.6 grams of salt every day. And that’s what experts think In Britain, about 6 thousand people are infected with stomach cancer every year. According to the World Cancer Organization, about 800 people can get rid of the risk of developing stomach cancer, which is 14 percent of total infections.

However, it can not be consumed more than 6 grams of salt in the day. Treatment of this type of cancer is also very difficult. Because, in most cases, cancer is found in the last stages. Eating chips with  salt, eating raw salt with rice or eating extra  raw salt with some fruits is all harmful. So there is no alternative to caution.

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