The previous rulers were ineligible to be president| volodymyr zelensky

 volodymyr zelensky

Age is his only 41 years. The average of education was average. But creative work was fantastic. In the school-once a minister came to his school function. Result of the school is not particularly good. The minister advised that everyone would be more meritorious. The unknown must know, the knowledge must be developed.

The teenager asked to laugh then: The Honorable Minister will grow our knowledge, the less you do.
We are less meritorious because you are a big minister today.
What the boy said to say. People understand what to understand This boy may show a new path one day.

Life started as its screenwriter Then the actor-comedy actor. But there is no rough, mimic joke. Wonderful, humorous, extraordinary combination of witty and sepie. He also managed the photo. Thinking to manage – the country is full of people who are incompetent in various positions. From this thought he came to politics and made an appointment – elected as the 6th President of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky took oath as President on 20th of this month.

At the oath taking ceremony, she told the truth as a child, but she gave a wonderful thought.
“Not being a President, but being a President, I have become president – incompetence of the previous regime.”

Then he told everyone – the work of a school head teacher such as school management. My job is to work – state management. So- I am neither idol nor idol nor do Icon. So there is no need to hang my picture on the walls of the office wall. Add a picture of your Family. If the mind is good then you will also get pleasure in the work.

I’ll take pictures of my baby in my office. You also apply the baby picture to your office. Imagine the parents.
And look at them before doing any work. Nobody can do any bad thing in front of the picture of these people.

As your parents brought you here. You will also swear – you will reach your baby in a more beautiful place. I once directed the photo. But the country is not a picture, but if we all want together we can do the same as the picture.

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