Researchers’ opinion of extra sleeping


To stay healthy, how old is an adult to sleep? Age ranging from six to eight hours. If you sleep less than that? Then there is danger And if more than eight hours sleep? Danger also Researchers say, sleeping six to eight hours is useful for heart health. If a person sleeps more or less than this time, then the risk of heart attack is increased.

The European Society of Cardiology Congress in Munich conducted this study. Their claim, “It is not okay to have too much sleep or too much sleep if you want to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Greece’s Anacais Cardiac Surgery Center Dr. Epaminonadas Fantas wrote this research report. His commentary, ‘Our research has shown,’ Sleeping and sleeping too much – both are harmful to the heart. ‘

But he also said, “This study is not over yet. If this is the case, then there is more time needed to know clearly. However, we know that some physiological processes are conducted due to sleep – which affects the heart.

The results of this study were found in 11 research analyzes of 10 million adults. It has been found, “Those who slept less than six hours or more than eight hours were at risk of cardiovascular disease or died of heart attack.

Emily McGrath, senior cardiac nurse of the British Heart Foundation, said, “It is very important to stay awake at night to stay healthy.”

But he also said, ‘Those who have a little more sleep during the daytime do not have to worry about their habit of sleeping. But those who are sleeping every day are facing problems. They should be careful now.

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