New badge levels in Google Local Guides


There are four new badges introduced to acknowledge the great work of local guides.

Reviewer – Badge for helping others by writing detailed reviews of places people want to know about
Fact Finder – Badge for helping others get the right info about the places on Google maps
Photographer – Badge for bringing places to life with amazing photos of places people care about
Trailblazer – Badge for being the first person to add important info about places
As the name indicates, these badges are concentrated around different forms of contributions by local guides in Google maps.

Every badge has three levels that indicate how good are you at particular form of contribution. These are

So if you are already a master in particular form, congratulations! keep up the good work.

If you are a novice, then aim for an expert badge by sharing quality information in Google maps.

If you haven’t earned a particular badge, then probably your contribution is zero in that form.

What is the criteria to earn these badges and different levels?

Here are the details.


2.Fact Finder




Image source: Google maps Android app

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