Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer sold Yahoo in failure


US Internet company Yahoo sold off to US telecom company Verizon For this, Verizon is about to spend around US $ 5 billion. it will be coordinated with another US online company AOLbought last year‘s Verizon. In this era of Verizon mobile, it has bought itself to strengthen its positionYahoo! However, many analysts could not welcome the decision to sell for Yahoo. According to BBC News, for a time, the state of the Internet was in the state of Yahoo! The popularity of Yahoo‘s search engine or Yahoo email service

LaterGoogle lost the market to Google. Many timestrying to catch the business strategy rather Yahoo! The market could not have been very successful. Prior to 2008, Microsoft was offered $ 4,400 million by Microsoft. Yahoo did not agree to sell it themselves.

Once the value of their assets reached 12.5 billion dollars. But from that place, only the fall of Yahoo! Four years ago, Marisa Mayer, a female officer from Google, took over the CEO‘s position of Yahoo CEO. He could not reach the place of possibilities. But Maria said, “Yahoo is a company that has changed the world. By integrating with Verizon and AOLYahoo will continue to change the world.

Yahoo‘s employees said they were planning to ‘leave’ in Yahoo! email. He wrote, ‘I love yahoo and I have faith in all of you. It is important for me to see Yahoo in a new chapter. “MeanwhileAOL‘s Chief Executive Tim Armstrong said that the new agreement had been taken to make Yahoo‘s prospects realistic and that Yahoo will be taken to the important place of mobile media.

After this agreement, there will be more than 25 brands in Yahoo and AOL. Among these, there are brands like Yahoo Mail, Flickr, Tumblr, TechCrunch or Huffington Post. Just as Yahoo is not able to top the business field, it is possible that it will be possible under the Verizon, from Version’s side. Note that Verizon is worth $ 5 billion to buy Yahoo, but it does not include Yahoo‘s huge wealth in China’s Alibaba.

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