What should be your ideal weight according to height?


In the standard weight diagnosis procedure, a person’s weight is measured in kilograms and the height is measured in meters. The weight is then divided by the height of the square. This division tells BMI. BMI is normal between 18 to 24. Between 25 to 30, if healthy or slightly thick, between 30 and 35, thicker. And on top of 35, it can be said to be very severe and sick.

No one is overweight or too little weight. Many of us are short but thick, but others are very tall, but they are very tall, but they are very tall, These conditions mean that they are not weighed according to the height. If you are overweight or not, then know how much weight your weight is according to your height.

 HeightMale (kg) – Female (kg)

4’7 “- 39-49 – 36-46

4’8 “- 41-50 – 38-48

4’9 “- 42-52 – 39-50

4’10 “- 44-54 – 41-52

4’11 “- 45-56 – 42-53

5 ft – 47-58 – 43-55

5’1 “- 48-60 – 45-57

5’2 “- 50 – 62 – 46-59

5’3 “- 51-64 – 48-61

5’4 “- 53-66 – 49-63

5’5 “- 55-68 – 51-65

5’6 “- 56-70 – 53-67

5’7 “- 58-72 – 54-69

5’8 “- 60-74 – 56-71

5’9 “- 62-76 – 57-71

5’10 “- 64-79 – 59-75

5’11 “- 65-81 – 61-77

6 ft – 67-83 – 63-80

6’1 “- 69-86 – 65-82

6’2 “- 71-88 – 67-84

It is bad to see if the body is excessively ill, along with it is a quick burgeoning look. Very nervous people are victims of malnutrition. As a result, many diseases related to nutrition, such as anemia or blood glucose, physical weakness, various skin diseases etc. have a great potential. If you are affected by malnutrition, there may be several diseases including hair fall, tooth decay, bone loss.

Again, excess body fat is deposited in the body because it is thick or bent. Fatty cells or fat cells increase in fat then the body fat accumulation. At the stomach, nipple, fat cell is more. Fats can also cause body fat due to excessive consumption of food, or the amount of calories being consumed, or the amount of calories being consumed. After listening or knowing these, many would say that weight is high after eating the right amount of food. Their complaints are correct. Due to hereditary reasons, people can be fat.

Weight gain may also increase due to drinking alcohol, excessive sleep, stress, steroid and other types of medication. There are many issues with excess weight or perfume. There is a possibility of any kind of heart disease for excess weight. In addition, many problems arising in fat deposits in the bloodstream. Excess weight is also due to blood pressure. Diabetes type-2 may appear to increase fat. Obese people have more than 5 percent chance of uterus, prostate and colon cancer.

There is a problem to walk with weight gain. Knee concurrent, cartilage, ligament is decayed. Increasing the probability of arthritis, arthritis and gout increases. Increasing the possibility of paleolithic stones increased from excess fat.

In all, it is said that the excess weight or excessive weight – both are inversely reversible. Determine your ideal weight, and try to bring the weight to the ideal position in terms of your condition. It’s not just good to be beautiful, but to live well, to be truly good.

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