Hearing loss due to cotton swab

Cotton can completely destroy the hearing power! Claim Researchers

Cotton bud rug is better and safe than punching paper or sticking with paper, there is no doubt! But know that this cotton bud actually damages our ear severely! Do not believe!

Let’s know about this, physicians and experts opinion:

Years ago, a number of sensational information came in front of a survey. It is known that, more than 7,000 people worldwide become sick every year due to the use of cotton bud!

Only 36 percent of Cotton Bud users are aware of its harmful aspects. But unfortunately, knowing about the harmful aspects of Cotton Bud, they have been using it day after day.

US physician said. According to Christopher Chang, ear air from the ears can be severely damaged due to the use of cotton boards. This can lead to various problems, including pain in the ear, bleeding.

If the soft bones inside the ear are hurt or damaged due to the use of cotton bud, the hearing power may become weak. Not only that, using cautery pads inadvertently, there is a danger of loss of hearing power completely.

According to US researchers, the outer dust of the adhesive material inside the ear protects our ears from infection. Most of the time, when these gluten-free substances are accumulated in the ear, they come out of our own time during sleep or during bathing.

But if it is not, and if there is a lot of discomfort or itching in the ear, then you can use a year drop according to the advice of the expert physician. However, when you avoid the use of cotton bud as much as possible.

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