Various health benefits OF Olive Oil

whatever we call olive well. Today’s tips on how to do that olive oil actually benefit us. olive oil is an ordinary oil but it also benefits us greatly. But we do not know how to do this olive oil. This olive oil has many benefits.

It is heard that olive oil or olive oil is the ambassador of human body peace. In Arabic it was called jaitun. This fruit, filled with herbal quality, is also known as liquid gold or liquid gold. Since the early Greek period, this oil has been used in cooking and medical science. All the interesting and alluring qualities are in this jaitun.

What are the benefits of jaitun: According to the scientists, olive oil contains ingredients that keep our body healthy and beautiful. jaitun or olive well is very good for the stomach. It reduces acid in the body, cleans the liver. Those who have cottage cheese, they will benefit from playing a teaspoon of jaitun a day.

Olive oil in skin care: – According to the scientists, this jaitun works well with skin care.  prevents skin growth as the age increases. The oil cuisine is good, its use on the skin is beneficial. Those who have itchy skin problems can freely massage the oil. Baby skin is safe too. it is also beneficial for removing dermatitis on the skin of the head. The male palate returns to the olive oil quality. jaitun makes the skin dry and smooth and smooth.

Religions also have the benefits of olive oil: – Islam has also given the importance of eating and drinking it. The Messenger of Allah (S) said, “Kulu az jatu wad dahinu bhi, fa innah min shajratatin mubarakatin” means – you eat this oil, put it in the body. ”

it to reduce cholesterol: -jaitun also has special benefits to reduce cholesterol. And for those who have more cholesterol levels, there is no alternative to it.

Olive Oil: Ear olfactory oil or olive oil is particularly beneficial for those with ear problems. There are many natural problems that may smell the itch in the ear. These olive oils or olive oils solve these problems. Cotton bars can be very beneficial if they are soaked in jaitun oil. But in any case, there should be no worries in the ear, so be careful. Or one or two drops of olive oil should be given in the dropper. This will reduce ear irritation. However, if there is a major problem in the ears then you should consult the doctor.

This jaitun or olive oil is particularly beneficial for children, especially on winter days. It should be used regularly. Thus olive oil or olive oil benefits us greatly. So be aware of olive oil  and keep it beautiful by increasing its use and help other family members to stay healthy

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