Harmful radiation is more xiaomi, less in Samsung

At present, without our smartphones, our daily life can not be thought of. However, from these smartphones, radiation of less harmful electromagnetic waves for human bodies is radiation. Smartphone brand is the top of such radiation, and the lowest radiation emitted on Samsung’s phone.

According to a report by the German Statistical and Market Research on Portal Research Statistics, based on German data. The portal, which revealed the names of 16 smartphone models that were the least known and the second largest magnetic wave radiation in the two separate lists, There can be seen, China-based smart phone maker Shawmi brand’s MIA1 model has the highest radiation radiation. And the South Korean-based Samsung brand ‘Galaxy Note 8’ model has the lowest radiation in the handset.

There are also one plus, HTC, Google, iPhone, GTE and Sony Xperia, among the 16 handsets in the list, among the 16 handsets. The use of these smartphones is the maximum radiation from one decimal 74 watts per kilogram to a minimum of 29 watts per kilogram. Again, considering the model, there are 4 handsets in this list. Shawmy and One Plus.

Among these, Shawmi’s models are: MI1 (1st), MI Max3 (3rd), MI Mix 3 (6th) and Ridimi Note 5 (15th). And one plus brand models are – 5 (second), 6 (4th), Five (8th) and Six (13th).

On the other hand, Samsung has topped the list of the least radiated smartphone brands. The brand’s Galaxy Note 8 models have the lowest number of harmful waves out of the handset, using zero to 17 watts per kilogram. Samsung has topped 8 models of handsets in the list of 16 models. The list also includes three GTEs and two handsets of LG and Motorola.

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