Google Plus is turning off Google!


Google’s attempt to popularize another social networking site is going to fail. Google has launched a new social networking website several times to compete with Facebook. Google Plus launched in 2011 But Google‘s site could not keep up with popularity. Finally, Google Plus signals are available.

Technology analysts say Google has made the best effort to popularize Google Plus. Opening a Gmail account made it mandatory to open accounts on Google Plus. But nothing happened. In the seven years of the launch, there is an indication of the farewell market of Google Plus. Analysts speculate since the closure of official Google Plus Pages in Google France. Google France wrote in a post, this week Google‘s activities are being blocked on Google Plus. Not only that, Google Plus has closed pages and their followers are taking it to official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Google France said they do not understand how this announcement will be made. Their Google Plus Pages are shutting down in the week.

But why Google has stopped plugging more pagesGoogle has not explained the details about the page. Google France posted their page last 46 weeks ago. They were not active on this page. There were 4 million 71 thousand 622 followers on that page.

When the official Google page closes in a country, the continuation of the pages will start off in other countries.

Earlier in February of 2015, Google Plus engineer manager Leo Dagan said that Google is working to create a new version of Google Plus App. It will run on Android devices.

According to Digan data, the new app on Google Plus will be rewritten by many features of the site. Google Plus will be sorted out in line with the Android App infrastructure.

Although, after the announcement of Degan, six months have passed, but there is not much evidence about Google Plus. Meanwhile, announcements to close official Google Plus pages were announced. Google’s Chief Executive Pretty Picha is now completely clear about what the site is thinking of 50 million users. You will have to wait for a few days to see if a new site will come off or close to Google Plus.

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