The goat’s Car was not heard Before

The carriage of horse carriage The buffalo car was heard, but the carriage of goats was not heard before, but the untimely trunk was done by the school teacher of Narayanpur village in Chaugachha upazila of Jessore, the only girl studying in the third grade, trained the goat to go to school, and made the car suitable for running. The name of the car named Sania Transport

Whole hybrid goose vaccine was bought at 8 thousand taka, then it was two years of age. I noticed that the goat behavior was more than the goats for a different goat than the other goat, he named the goat weighing about 50 kg. The goat loves the family very much like the family members they care about.

Samui’s daughter is very worried with Sanya. If the goat does not have any time to travel around the goat, then even if the goat does not hear anyone roaming around the goat, the goat takes Samiya back on the back, and the bamboo wood and small bicycle are made with the clothes made of the car, then it takes a little more time in the last one year. Going to school.

As well as bringing the school to the school, the car can carry 75 kg weight. Going by a kilometer road, the goat wanders on Samaya’s home from school to school and is surprised to find a goat’s car near the school.

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