Facebook launches a special feature for the visually impaired

For the benefit of the visually impaired, Facebook has introduced descriptive text or automatic alternative text feature on all images. Along with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, the social media has launched a similar feature . However, technical analysts believe Facebook users will be at serious security risk due to the inverted text feature. With this, it is possible to identify the location of the customers as well as capture all personal information.

Although all Facebook features were turned on in early July, Facebook users from different parts of the world complained about not seeing the timeline. Not only on Facebook but the same problem occurs on Instagram and WhatsApp. Its users were confused as they could not see the pictures on social media.

Later it was learned that Facebook is working to attach image descriptions to all the pictures including Instagram. And this is the reason that customers face various problems including not loading the image. Facebook says they have launched this feature exclusively for the visually impaired. Even if you do not see the picture, the user will get an idea about the picture from the picture description.

But even though visually impaired users can benefit from the software, cybersecurity analysts believe that this feature will put consumers at serious risk. Pierre Luigi Paganini, head of the tech company ‘Sybase’, says that a written description of a picture can have many purposes. In addition to giving ideas to those who are unable to see the image, an alternative text feature can be used to identify the person (s) in the picture, as well as to link them together after the various information is gathered. With this opportunity, he feared that different intelligence and law enforcement agencies would be able to monitor customers.

Already the Facial Recognition System is running on Facebook. In addition to using this information, social media is providing customers with information as well as identifying them and reaching ads to the target user or specific customer. Charles R Smith, CEO of Software Incorporation, said that it seems obvious that Facebook authorities are not interested in using their app for political purposes but tend to make money from advertising. However, he feared that the feature could once be used as a tool against dissident and opposition political parties.

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