Should the ears be cleaned| What is the way?

To clean the ear, use feathers from the Safe Teen, Cotton Bread from the pen. Many people sit beside the road to clean the ears.

Nothing can be removed from hair clips. But it is important to know that all its uses are risky. But a relatively safe cotton bag. But it is also less dangerous. It may have been used extracting cottons from a packet a few days ago. That’s quite dangerous.

Due to moisture, cotton cotton bud fungus is open in the open. If you use it, it may cause fungal infections in the ear. When cleaning it, suddenly it may cause unknowingly injury when suddenly it gets shocked. Even the ear screen can be torn off. Ear hemorrhoids may be used for any illness, but using cotton bud may increase the level of the disease.

What is the way to clean the ears?
The answer is, there is no need to clean it without any special exception. Naturally the ear has its own process, through which the ears are cleaned. Those who regularly clean it, they naturally interrupt it cleaning process.

It is necessary to know that the skin of the skin and outer dust is made up of ear or wax.

Naturally, the ears of the ear are busy sending the liquid and glue on the outside through the special process, and sending it out of the ear. In addition, continuous movement of the jaws usually exposes the ear to the ear and throws them out of the ear. In these two processes most of the people have lost their ears. But those who are regularly cleaned do not understand it. Inverted they do some harm.

While cleansing the ears, some dirt becomes stuck, but it gets stuck in the depths of the ears. So there is no need to clean the ears with cottage beds, but itching or other problems in the ear. Instead the doctor should get advice.


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