E-Cigarettes are more harmful than general cigarettes: experts

Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette battery powered device. So what happens with this thing? Those who want to quit smoking drink this e-cigarette after getting rid of milk. What is this e-cigarette inside?


The electronic cigarette contains nicotine solution that is hot through the battery. This resulted in smoke. It creates a feeling of smell in the brain. Increased electronic cigarette circulation worldwide over the last few years. But this cigarette has been banned in some countries of the world including Europe.


Researchers say those who are using e-cigarettes have a health risk. In a letter published in The New England Journal of Medicine, e-cigarettes contain bacterial formaldehyde, which is a cancer-causing ingredient.


A report published in the California Health Department of Public Health on January 28 said that e-cigarettes are a threat to humans and should be brought under the law. A report published on webmd’s health website about how safe the e-cigarette is. Let’s know what the e-cigarette is.


Researchers say there is no easy answer for what is in e-cigarette. Because there is no system for supervising the work of e-cigarette manufacturing companies. There are no fixed values ​​for this. No specific explanation is given about what material it is made of.


According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) results, the toxic and carcinogenic chemicals were found among some of the 18 different e-cigarettes. Carcinogenic cancer preparatory material. It contains nicotine. It is said in the results that the standardization of e-cigarette making is incompatible.


In addition, there are some more things in E Cigarette that should be known:


E-liquid: E-liquid or e-juice. These are those types of solvents that produce heat and convert to aerosol. Which steam in and enter the chest.


Nicotine: E-cigarette and general cigarettes contain nicotine in two types of cigarettes. It works to stimulate the brain through the nerves. It increases blood pressure, respiratory and heart rate


“People usually smoke because of nicotine,” said researcher Doctor Massage Ganioise. He is Tobacco of the Institute of Buffalo in New York’s Ruswell Park Center and E-Cigarette Expert. ‘Make nicotine addicts. But it is not the cause of cancer. But other components in the e-liquidation are very concerned.


Flavoring: Doctor Ganyoise said, there are more than one hundred e-cigarettes. Cherries, cheeses cakes, cinamon, tobacco etc. They are used in all odor foods. It has daisetil. It usually creates popcorn creamy flavor. It has a link to lung disease and it is harmful too.


Propylene glycol (PG): Made in PG laboratory, which is safe for food, medicines and cosmetics. It is used to create artificial smoke in rock-concert. It causes lungs and eye irritation. It is harmful for various lung diseases. For example: asthma and ampeasima.


Glycerin: It is odorless and colorless. Liquid glycerin is a lot of sweet taste. It is available on various products.


Liquid formation: E-cigarette is used for making a type of e-liquid or liquid. But this wash can damage the body’s blood circulation. University of California professor Benoititz said that such a loss does not happen in real cigarettes.


The chemicals in e-cigarettes are: E-cigarette contains two chemicals called Formaldehyde and Acetaldehide. This material enhances the temperature of e-liquid. Unfortunately, more nicotine is produced. The acryline contained in it consists of heated glycerin. It damages the lungs. Increases the risk of heart attack patients.


Particulates and metals


E-cigarette is erosol that is harmful. It damages the veins in the body. The body creates various types of inflammation. And put pressure on the nerves. Apart from this, various types of toxic or toxic metals are found in e-cigarette erosoles. For example: Tin, Nickel, Cadium, Lead and Mercury.


Is e-cigarette safe?


There is nothing to say about the harm that is drinking the actual cigarette smoke. That’s why e-cigarettes are not very safe. It also has health risks.


We all know that ordinary cigarettes are very harmful for the body. According to a US research agency, there are about seven thousand harmful chemicals in general cigarette, of which 69 are responsible for direct cancer. When you smoke, it also affects the people around you. It can affect the lungs severely.


However, according to the researchers, people who want to quit smoking e-cigarettes are good for bad. However, the researcher’s advice is not dependent on nicotine, it is better if it is not dependent on nicotine. It does not have to accept the real or fake cigarette slavery.

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