Apple brings new technology to Dual SIM & Big Display (watch Video)


The newest version of the biggest display of the iPhone market brought the world’s most famous technology company Apple The new version of iPhone X Max is displaying 6.5 inches. It is the largest mobile display in the company’s history. At the same time they bring mobile handsets of two new versions of the iPhone X and iPhone XR.

However, among the new three versions of ‘iPhone Xs’ and ‘iPhone X Max Max’ is being discussed. Of these, ‘iPhone XR’ is relatively low priced.

Apple is saying a great development for the future of smart phones.
The display of these two iPhone will be much shy of the past. As well as the super retina display has been added to them. It can stay up to 30 minutes under water for two meters. As a result, water will not enter the phone set. Due to which the tea, coffee or any other type of liquid beverage will be used on the phone set, but there will be no problem.
Phoneettes have good capabilities for photos, video, video editing and graphics. The maximum capacity is 512 GB. It can be kept up to two lakhs of photos. After taking a picture, its background can also be changed. A 12 bionic chip has been used here for photo capability. Apple is saying it is the most advanced in the world of smart phones. Two phones can be found at 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.

Two phones with 12 megapixel camera Although before coming to market it was thought that behind it three cameras would be there. However, there are two cameras, but there will be two optical zoom and dual optical image stabilization. As a result, Apple will add new dimensions to the world of photography.

Only new photography will be added to photography or new dimensions. There will be no impact on the movement of the video while it is in motion. Even good light can be good video recording. The sound of the video will also be excellent.

Apple brought the iPhone X to the latest market in November of last year. Battery power is slightly better than the older version. Except for the iPhone X, the battery of the XS battery will be 30 minutes more. On the other hand, there will be more than one and a half hour battery charge in X Max Max.

Initially, the value of iPhone X and X Max will be worth 999 USD and $ 1099 USD. Pre-order can be bought in 30 countries around the world from Friday to buy new versions of iPhone. But Apple phones can be found in those countries from September 21.

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