Changing the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field, the visionary scientists!


The huge magnetic field inside the Earth has ‘broken the head’! By changing all the accounts, it quickly changes the direction. As a result, the deep sea, the ocean lying in the ocean, the ship is becoming distracted. In the deep sea, the ship’s captain, sailor and sky showers are showing mistakes in the sky. Googling on Google Map showing the error is going wrong. Scientists too have become disturbed.

The North Pole of the Earth’s magnetic field was in Canada. But after calculating the calculations, the scientists are now seeing that the North Pole has moved away from Canada to Siberia. And that happened very fast rate
In December last year in Washington, the American Geophysical Union said a related international research team said. Arjun Ranganathan, an NGO who is in the team. There is also the expatriate Bengali geologist Arnab Da-O.

Inspired scientists!They said that scientists have become virtually disturbed by changing the direction of such a huge magnetic field in the Earth’s belly. Geophysics can not keep up with the ‘magnanimous’ earthquake magnetic field. Geomagnetic experts. Earth’s magnetism changes because of the transfer of the boiling fluid iron in the belly of the earth. But scientists do not understand why the North Pole has moved rapidly from Canada to Siberia.
Professor Arnab from Colorado University of ‘ Digital’ from Washington said, ‘If this is going on, the danger is inevitable to sit in an emergency meeting on January 15


To create the world’s new magnetic model. So that all aspects of diagnosis or navigation can be removed, immediately. ‘
He said the new magnetic model was made to look at Earth’s magnetic field for 5 years. The current model is launched in 2015. His tenure was in 2020.

Why change the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field?
He says that the magnetic field of the Earth’s belly is made mainly for its natural flow of iron (Groundnut) inside the earth. That iron has some more substances. Over time, that stream always goes towards this direction. Ever-or-so As a result, the direction of earthly magnetic field changes in time. It moves away from one place. This happened in 2016. South America (Latin America) in the north and east of the Pacific Ocean temporarily temporarily moved away at the speed of the magnetic field of the world. It was caught by the European Space Agency (ESA) or ‘Esa’ ‘Swarm’ satellite.

Arnab said, but since last year scientists realized that the huge magnetic field lying in the belly of the world is not following their account. It is unexpectedly changing direction at very fast speed. So not waiting for another year, preparations for making new magnetic models right now started. It is also okay, this year will be evaluated for the momentum of the world’s magnetic field.
Last month, in Washington, at the American Geophysical Union meeting, two researches by the International Researchers have been reported.

Where does the calculation match the scientists?

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