Be careful about ATM slips!


Many people have the habit of throwing a slip out of the ATM. Even a lot of ATM booths have to keep the basket in order to slip. But do not forget this work. Because, this problem will increase your problem. How? Find out.

This slip is a proof of your transaction. Taking money from the bank means trading. Do cash transactions, but do not keep the evidence? Keep this simple thing in mind, any proof of any kind of transaction is in hand. In case of any noise, the bank will seek the statement of your transaction first. As a result, this slip is precious.

Is anyone stealing your money? Suppose, money is withdrawn from your account in some way. How do you understand If you are looking for a bank, then you can know exactly. But if you have a slip in your hand, then you can easily find out what the balance was on your account and how much there are currently. The mobile message comes when the money is taken from the account. But you should have a slip in your hand. Because, in the next step, this slip will be useful to you.

Hackers carry out surveillance on ATMs. They can clear your account by taking the code from ATM slip. As a result, if the slip is dropped, do it at home safely or destroy it.

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