Ben Affleck, out of rehab, calls addiction a womb-to-tomb struggle

Oscar winner mount Affleck same on weekday he had completed a 40-day residential alcohol rehab program however same that battling addiction “is a womb-to-tomb and troublesome struggle.”

Affleck, 46, United Nations agency conjointly visited rehab in 2017 and 2001, same during a posting on his Instagram account that he remained in patient care, and thanked his family, friends and fans for his or hersupport.

“Battling any addiction may be a womb-to-tomb and troublesome struggle. thanks to that one is rarely veryin or out of treatment. it’s a full time commitment. i’m fighting for myself and my family,” he wrote.

He has 3 kids with player Jennifer Garner. The couple separated in 2015 however in August Garner was pictured in la driving Affleck to a treatment center.

He shot to fame in 1998 once he shared a playscript Oscar for drama “Goodwill Hunting” together with his relief Matt Damon. In 2013, he took home a second Oscar for best image winner “Argo,” that he madeand directed.

The “Batman” and “Gone Girl” star has usually spoken of his struggles with alcohol, that conjointly afflicted his father and his brother, actor Casey Ben Affleck.

Casey Affleck told TV program “Entertainment Tonight” last month that he and mount come back from an extended line of alcoholics.

“Ben is a follower and an alcoholic. Most of my grandparents square measure alcoholics. My father is an alcoholic, as unhealthy as you’ll be able to be, and he’s been sober for regarding thirty years. I’ve been sober for regarding six years,” he said.

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