Ariana Grande And Nicki Minaj Address Those Beef Rumors!

It looks like there’s positively no feud occurring between Nicki Minaj and metropolis Grande despite rumors suggesting otherwise. In fact, the 2 superstars have solely love for one another!

As you’ll bear in mind, the meat speculations escalated once Nicki born her newest track, Bust Down Barbiana.

The lyrics not solely create relevance Grande’s song, Thank U, Next, however additionally name-drop her.

‘Killing everyone beat, thank u, next metropolis,’ Minaj raps.

Fans on social media thought that perhaps Nicki was assuming to spite the singer in those lyrics.

However, the 2 performers were fast to clean up such rumors regarding their form of relationship.

One Twitter users asked Ariana: ‘So it wasn’t shade?’ to that the singer tweeted that ‘No silly a**. There’ll ne’er ever be something however love between US. She has been there on behalf of me (in real-life) whenever I actually have required someone, and that i can perpetually be there for her. We tend to love one another. Bet.’

This is as clear as doable – the 2 divas are in no manner feuding and have solely positive things to mention regarding each other.

In addition, Nicki additionally assured those who they’re not at war by quoting metropolis during a tweet and adding: ‘Not over you’ve been there on behalf of me behind the scenes. Love you. For life.’

Aw!…. there’s such a lot love between Nicki and metropolis – no doubt!

The two ladies are smart friends for years, and that they have even collabed on now but 5 songs together!

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